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Equipment for Oil and Gas Production

We are the manufacturer of MODULAR PROCESS SKID PACKAGES and Equipment . We have delivered numerous process package for a wide range of applications. Our engineering services are developed by an experienced team of engineers and quality assurance professionals.

Three Phase Separator

Test separator is also called 2-3 phase separator is used in upstream oil &gas industry. Test separator is wide commonly used separator in well testing industry

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KnockOut drum

Flare KO drum is used to removal of liquid droplets from the flare gas. Flare KO drum are widely used in fuel gas conditioning skid and in compressor stations.

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Inlet Manifold

Well Head manifolds are commonly called Inlet manifolds. Inlet Manifolds used to connect number of small wells to production headers. Inlet manifolds are also called us piping manifolds

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Chemical Injection skid

Chemical injection skids classified based upon requirements used in well testing and early production facilities. Its required to protect and provide extended life for equipments

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