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ViENERG's -Heater Treater

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Heater Treater

Heater Treater is a Vessel that uses heat to break the oil – water emulsion, and separating the crude oil from water and other materials. It is very essential equipment in the production process. Heater Treater is an Oil- water emulsion consist of a suspension of small droplets that will not separate into two distinct phases by gravity separation alone. One economical method of breaking an emulsion is by using a heater treater to add heat to the fluid along eith settling or retention time to aid in the separation process. Heater treater is used to heating an emulsion will change the properties of the components and allow separation of the phases to take effect and produce a pipeline quality oil.

Heater treater may be in vertical or horizontal type.

Features of Vienerg Heater treaters are.

  Removable U-tube firebox

  Removable stack with stack brace

  Outside removal adjustable water siphon with drain facility

  Fuel gas manifold piping

  Compact skid mounted

  ASME code certified