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ViENERG's -Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids

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Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid

Fuel gas conditioning packages are skid mounted for ensuring the quality of inlet (fuel) gases used in turbines and gas engines. The design approach is based on process simulations to determine the condensing temperature hydrate formation temperature, water and constituent dew point before deciding the individual stages of cleaning and conditioning.

Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid includes Knock out Drums, Filter Separators, Natural Gas Pre-Heaters, Pressure Regulation and Flow Control with different configurations as per client requirements.

Common Applications

   Upstream Oil and gas production industry

   Downstream Oil and gas process industry

   Power plants

   Natural gas processing plant

Advantages of our FG conditioning Skids

   Removal of particulate matter upto 0.3 M. In some cases 10 M as per specification

   Removal of all free liquids at the inlet of the turbine or the engine even with the variation of the inlet pressure and temperature of the gas

   Provision of a superheat of 28 °C above the hydrocarbon or water dew point at inlet of the turbine (to avoid condensation in control valves)

   Water dew point depression (for gas engines), so that the engine inlet sees a relative humidity of 70 - 80 %.

   Modular design resulting in reduced site installation costs

   Shorter manufacturing times and lower capital costs