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ViENERG's -Glycol Gas Dehydration Package

Well Testing & EPF Equipments

TEG Dehydration

Glycol Gas dehydration package process is continuous, i.e., gas and glycolflow continuously through a vessel (the Contactor or Absorber) where they come in contact and glycol absorbs the water. After contactor glycol flows to reboiler where water is removed or stripped from glycol and then pumped back to the contactor to complete the cycle.

TEG Gas dehydration package contactors will be typically have 6 and 12 trays, depending upon the water dew point. Vienerg TEG Gas Dehydration package will meet the performance of 7 Lb/MMscf specification.

Gas Dehydration package are operated in three different glycols as follows.

  Ethylene glycol Gas Dehydration package- High vapour equilibirium with gas so tend to lose to gas phase in contactor. Use as hydrate inhibitor where it can be recovered from gas by separation at temperature below 50 deg F

  Diethylene Glycol Gas dehydration package- High vapour pressure leads to high losses in contactor. Low decomposition temperature requires low reconcentrator temperature (315 deg F to 340 Deg F) and thus cannot get pure enough from most applications

  Triethylene glycol Gas dehydration package- Most common, reconcentrate at 340 deg F to 400 deg F for high purity. At contactor tem in excess of 120 deg F tends to have high vapour losses to gas. Dew point depressions up to 150 deg F are possible with stripping gas